Long-Term Residential Drug & Alcohol Rehab Alternative


Building on the principles of recovery, community and service established in our 30-day residential recovery program, our long-term residential program seeks to help men strengthen their foundation in sobriety from all forms of addiction from drugs and alcohol abuse to gambling. 


This is our home and you’re a guest at our home. You’re not a patient. You’re not a number. You’re not an inmate. You’re our guest, and we want to show you the love and compassion that a guest in our own home would experience.”

The Long-Term Recovery Center (A Discovery Place facility) uses a long-term live in recovery model that cultivates the skills you or your loved one needs for successful transition from substance addiction treatment to sustained sobriety in the “real world.”

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60 Day & 90 Day Residential Recovery Programs

Our 60 day and 90 day long-term residential recovery programs constitute a proactive approach in fostering a successful transition into a life of recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. A long-term in house recovery program is unquestionably the best choice for men with a history of relapse and also a highly prudent, responsible choice for men in recovery for the first time. We work with the guest and his family to determine the appropriate length of stay. Guests with demonstrated need can request program models longer than 90 days in our “step down” program.


Each guest’s long-term rehab alternative program is personalized. In spite of a few differences and unique considerations, the men learn that they share much in common with fellow guests and other members of the sober community.


We’ve helped more than 1500 participants since 2008 in their struggle with: 

  • Alcohol
  • Meth
  • Heroin
  • Benzo
  • Marijuanna
  • Cocaine
  • Opioids
  • Prescription drugs
  • Gambling
  • Sex Addiction

The program focuses on learning to live responsibly and productively while practicing the Twelve Steps and related principles of recovery as a way of life: a genuine design for healthy living. Participants begin learning many of the skills required to build and sustain meaningful relationships through a wide variety of outside recovery meetings, social events, personal instruction from staff and guidance from a host of dedicated volunteers.


Finally, the programs at the Long-Term Recovery Center Facility include an introduction to additional skills in areas of stress reduction, physical health, mental wellness, and relapse prevention.

Why Choose Our Long-Term Substance Abuse Treatment Center Alternative? 

Long-term “live in” drug recovery programs offer you or your loved one the best available chance to stay sober. From a medical perspective, both the body and mind of an alcoholic or drug addict requires time to properly heal.


Truly an amazing place I never thought I could change my life I was truly a broken man. Discovery Place saved my life and introduced me to a way of life through AA that will keep me sober as long as I put in the work. What I am most grateful for is I now live a spiritual life am I perfect no but I now have the awareness to do a self inventory and check my motives daily and make sure I'm living by these spiritual principles thank you Discovery Place I love you guys so much.”

- Anthony D.

The latest medical research indicates long-term residential recovery programs substantially increase the chances of sustained sobriety for alcoholics and drug addicts. Additionally, long-term alcohol and drug rehab participants report better “quality of sobriety.” 


Men who choose to take part in long-term sober programs significantly increase their chances of moving beyond the craving and obsession that characterize alcoholism and drug addiction to a fulfilling, sober life.

While 30-day inpatient residential drug & alcohol programs are an excellent start, many men require a long-term option to afford them the strong foundation needed to remain sober.


Because drug addiction and alcoholism are truly issues of life or death, long-term care may provide the edge needed for you or your loved one to overcome addiction and remain steady on the path of recovery.

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What specifically does our long term rehab alternative program offer?

  • Small capacity (up to 6 men per house) cultivates a strong sense of community amongst the guests with comfortable living arrangements
  • Small capacity (up to 6 men per house) offers a wealth of one-on-one attention from our staff
  • Opportunities to mentor and take on leadership roles with new Discovery Place guests
  • Comfortable integration in the Middle Tennessee sober community through outside 12 step meetings and fellowship events
  • An assortment of service opportunities with local nonprofit organizations
  • Assistance in coordination of living arrangements after graduation
  • Assistance in job placement after graduation, including transportation to job interviews
  • Incredible living arrangements, featuring a small golf driving range, outdoor fire pit, beach volleyball and cable television
  • Personal sessions with dynamic members of the Middle Tennessee sober community every Wednesday
  • Healthy exercise regimen through regular trips to the gym
  • Further instruction in the application of the 12 steps as the primary vehicle for sustained sobriety
  • Additional time for the body and mind to heal from the damage inflicted by substance abuse
  • Program model that simulates the schedule and demands of the “real world”
  • The absolute best chance for sustained sobriety


Our residential program guests live near Discovery Place’s main campus in Dickson, TN. Comfortable living arrangements are usually shared by no more than two men, and staff members supervise our long-term guests 24 hours a day.


Experience shows modest, shared living arrangements are highly effective in cultivating the fundamentals for transition into the “real world.” Our program model seeks to simulate the day-to-day schedule and demands the working world offers.

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