Step-Down Program

Structure without sermons.

For men who need a longer-term shift back to life, we offer living arrangements that provide fellowship, support, and opportunities to help other men on their journey.

After Care

A light touch from a strong hand if you need it.

Once you complete long-term care, we stay in touch with friendly advice and support for days when the going gets shaky. Guys who have been there are here to offer advice without attitude. Real people who have recovered themselves show you how.


No head shaving or mantras required.

Learn real-world ways to quiet the noise and meet fear and anxiety head on. It’s amazing what a little peace can do, and we show you how to get there from anywhere.

Life Skills

Succeed in the real world.

The Long-term recovery center program gives you time to learn how to apply the lessons of sobriety in all your personal and professional relationships. Real people who have recovered themselves show you how.

Health and Wellness

Let's get outside.

There's more to getting sober than sitting in a circle. We teach active lifestyle habits with plenty of outdoor activities in the wide open Tennessee countryside.

Sobriety is Just a Phone Call Away

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young men sitting on mountain laughing